Our Outdoor Learning


Outdoor and physical play is a very important part of our provision at Grosvenor for all our children, from our smallest babies to our fast growing 4 year-olds.

We are committed to providing outdoor play, every day for everyone.

Outdoor learning gives children  confidence, improves motivation and concentration, language and communication and physical skills and allows children to master challenges.

We believe that children should be excited by the outdoors and inspired by what is there throughout the changing seasons.

Under the watchful eyes of our staff, we encourage children to take risks, be curious, have respect for living things, feel safe and confident and be happy to challenge themselves.

Within our grounds we have:

Trees to climb

A mud kitchen

A builders yard

A water flume

Water butts

An assortment of natural and man-made materials to play with

Places to run, jump and play games

Places to be quiet and rest

Places to be imaginative

A vegetable growing area

A Forest School area

Children will:

Get wet- they will use water butts, pumps and water flume and fill and empty buckets and containers and splash and jump in puddles.

Get muddy – we have a ‘mud kitchen’ and a digging area where they will get extremely dirty.

Climb- both trees and on and off climbing equipment.

Sit – on logs and hay bales around a campfire to eat their snack

Play – outside in the rain and snow